Active membership in the East Texas Arson Investigator’s Association is open to any individual whose predominate professional interest is in the field of investigation, apprehension or prosecution of person(s) suspected of violations of Texas Criminal Laws, especially those concerning Arson.  This category shall include, but is not limited to, Commissioned, Certified or Licensed Peace Officers, Fire Marshals, Fire/Arson Investigators, Criminal Prosecutors, Private Investigators and Insurance Investigators, whether or not the position is full-time or volunteer. Active Membership also includes members that have honorably retired from any of the above position and verified by the Membership Committee.

Associate membership in the association are for persons not qualified for regular membership.  Associate members shall have the privileges of a regular member, except, voting and holding office.

Dues for the association are $25.00 for new members and $15.00 for renewal and are due on November 1st of every year.  Membership dates for the association are November 1st through October 31st.







Dues and Conference Registration can be paid at the bottom of the webpage OR HERE


Pay your Membership/Registration HERE






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